Thanksgiving Play with an LDS Perspective

I’m taking a break on this Eve of Christmas Times Ten to share an LDS Thanksgiving Play that was shared with me by Jill Bigelow, a wonderful woman, mom, and grandma. See the video I posted of Jill on Christian self-government here.

Why is it the Eve of Christmas Times Ten around here? Because my son comes home from his mission tomorrow!!!! Oh Yeahhhhh!!!!! (fist pumps!!) And my daughter is home from college today!!! We will all be together for the first time in two years! I am so looking forward to seeing his face, hugging him, and seeing how much he’s grown, physically and spiritually. He was 6 feet 1 inch or so with his curly hair before he left, and he wasn’t done growing. The curly hair gave him some inches but then he had to cut it all off for his mission haircut. One of his former companions saw him later in the mission and said he had grown. His “little” brother, at age 16, is now 6 feet so we shall see who’s taller! Anyway, tomorrow afternoon I get to be in the airport on the busiest travel day of the year for the best reason of all!!!! And tomorrow night we will be sitting around the crackling fire listening to his stories.

Then…we get to have Thanksgiving the next day. I am hoping to get my daughter to round up her cousins to put on the above posted play. I am hoping to make it a tradition from now on. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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