Take a Tour of the Duggars’ Home at Christmastime!

I love this brand-new video of the Duggars at Christmastime! It’s interesting that for once, they don’t have something massive in their huge home for their large family. Their Christmas tree is only about two feet tall, because the tree is actually from pagan roots and they want to focus on Jesus Christ. I love that they show in this video how they all work together: the boys are doing dishes, some girls are doing the neighbor gifts, and another girl is handling all the mail and packages coming in. They set a great example to us of pulling together to lighten mom’s load at Christmas time, and of the true reason for the season. JOY comes from putting Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. Merry Christmas (but sometimes as a mom you have to ask for the others to put others first, including you as the others). This is the first Christmas I have turned over most of the shopping to my kids to get Santa presents for each other and it feels so wonderful! I have hardly had to do any shopping this year. I highly recommend you doing this when your kids get older and can drive!

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