Merry Christmas from the World’s Largest Nativity Scene Ever!

I hope wherever you are today, you take a moment to read Luke 2 and ponder what it means to you, despite your circumstances. It really is amazing that the greatest power of all, God the Father, shared the gift of his perfect son so that we can be reconciled with God. We have hope, that no matter what life is like right now, it can change!!! Then share that knowledge with others by being more loving, more generous, kinder and a better steward of your time and talents. I love this video above because it shows so many people coming together to share that knowledge in the world’s largest nativity scene ever.

Here’s the video of behind the scenes. Merry Christmas!

I’ve had some trials this year that have spilled over into Christmas and threatened to make it less than merry. I know God has watched over me and given me His Son, along with many gifts, including the restoration of His church through Joseph Smith, priesthood power, and the Holy Ghost to provide me with the comfort, guidance, and peace to get through my trials. Because of all those things, I am truly blessed with a merry Christmas. I was feeling a bit of a grinch/grouch/scrooge this year but this video below restored the peace and wonder that I want to feel every year and every day. I hope you enjoy the video of this speech by a BYU professor. He’s not your typical professor, he’s funny, so watch it, especially if you feel grouchy or lonely.

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