Fried Chicken from, and a Video About “Laura”/Melissa Gilbert’s New Cookbook

I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas! Some other time I will have to recap our holiday. It’s been wonderful sleeping in, not to mention having all my kids home this year. This is the first time in three years, since the past two years my firstborn, a son, was serving a mission in North Carolina. We’ve had fun playing new board games and eating dinner together with enlivening conversations. We also have Child #2, my oldest daughter, home from college. I love having adult children around! I have two adults besides my husband who can and will do dishes, take little ones shopping, run errands, take kids sledding and put them to bed, be a second witness to all of my motherly instructions, and spontaneously vacuum without being asked! This is motherhood nirvana, I tell you! The only thing that can top it is having grandkids.

I also love this time of year because it feels good to have an excuse for a fresh start as we clear out the old and find places for new toys, new housewares, and hopefully new routines and habits.

I have all sorts of plans for the new year, including new recipes for dinner. Here’s a video recipe of fried chicken from Melissa Gilbert’s new cookbook, My Prairie Home Cookbook. Melissa played “Laura Ingalls” in the Little House on the Prairie TV series. My 10 year old son has been asking for weeks to have fried chicken for dinner. I keep saying it’s too hard because that’s what my mother always told me when I was a kid and I would ask for it.

But the above video makes it look so easy, I think we will try it out. If you are into ancestral nutrition, be aware that it does use unsoaked wheat flour. If you have grain allergies, I wonder if substituting arrowroot flour would work? I don’t know, that stuff can get mighty gelatinous. One time I made some kind of main dish with it and the kids thought that one of the gross green globby casseroles from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip had appeared on the dinner table. 

Here’s a cute video below of Melissa talking about her new cookbook. You might not want to watch with your impressionable kids, as she does show cleavage in her low-cut dress. Maybe just listen to the audio and have another tab up on your computer if the kids are around. It also takes over three minutes for the audio to start. Melissa sounds like she could be anybody’s best friend, as she is so down to earth and lives in Michigan, away from the Hollywood scene. One of my favorite lines from the video is “I am not going to try to be size 2 at age 50 anymore!” Yes, she is 50, can you believe it?

I loved hearing little tidbits about her Little House days. In the 80s, my little sisters and I enjoyed watching reruns of the show. We never could watch the original airings as they were always Monday nights during Family Home Evening time. So we caught the reruns. We even wrote to the show and got autographed (mass copied) pictures of “Laura” and her TV sisters mailed back to us. It’s funny how Melissa says that people ask her all the time to sign Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, thinking that she is actually Laura. Come on, people! How old do you think Melissa is? It reminds me of my sleuthing on this past year, since I found out that Almanzo Wilder is my 6th cousin 4 times removed. Somebody had posted a picture of the Little House cast and attached it to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s profile. I just hope everybody has enough sense to know that those people are not the actual Ingalls family. Another funny part of the video is when she says that one lady actually told her to her face that she “looks like Melissa Gilbert did, before she had plastic surgery.” Amazing!

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