LaDawn Jacob’s Fun Family Traditions

So Christmas is over, New Year’s is over, and we’re supposed to be back to the grind. Except I don’t want to be! This time of year is when Utah’s sun disappears and we may as well live in the North Pole. So I am posting pictures from Easter to remind me of spring, which I wish it were. For a long time last month, there was no snow. I thought maybe Phoenix, the land of my nativity, had descended upon the Wasatch Front. People were doing Christmas shopping in shorts, sandals, and no coats. Then, everyone’s dreams of a white Christmas were answered as the snow fell silently early Christmas morning. It really was magical to go to sleep with everything, besides our front yard evergreen tree, brown and drab and wake up with deep mounds of snow that looked like royal icing. So I’ve had our white Christmas and I want it to go away now. Can we just skip to the Easter egg hunt?

One thing I am doing to get me through this blue time of year is to focus on new recipes, new books, and new traditions for the coming year. Here is something that is inspiring me, I hope it inspires you. It’s a collection of ideas from LaDawn Jacob about fun family traditions. 

Here is the link where you can get LaDawn Jacob’s ebook about fun family traditions.

I am also reading some Pioneer Woman books by Ree Drummond, featured below.

I first heard about Ree, a blogging and homeschooling mom who lives on a cattle ranch, when she came to Utah last year to give the keynote for the RootsTech conference. (I’ve been trying to find the video of her keynote but alas, it seems to have been taken down, whereas the other video links are found here. I am pretty sure it used to be up last spring and summer, I kept meaning to go watch the whole thing, but for some reason it’s not there anymore. Or maybe I am having a false memory.) Anyhoo, I just finished her love story, From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I read it to my husband on our way home from Idaho dropping off our oldest two babies at college last Saturday. It was a fun way to pass three hours of drive time. We didn’t finish the book so two nights ago my dear husband read some of it to me as a bedtime story. We’ve both been sneaking off to read it on our own as well. I finally took my bookmark out so he wouldn’t know where I was. I am sad that I finished the book today by reading it at my hairdresser’s. I want another light romance novel that is clean and the story ends after marriage and then a baby. That has a happy ending. Not Charly, because even though she has a baby, she gets cancer and dies. Anybody know of one?

Now I am perusing her holiday cookbook. It’s not a Nourishing Traditions-type/ancestral foods cookbook by any means but at least she does includes lots of real foods like butter, meat and vegetables. The color photography is making me drool and be happy that I have a kitchen and a family to cook for and a year full of holidays ahead. I will have to adjust some of the recipes to eliminate the canola oil, the white sugar, and lighten up or eliminate the grain flours, but that’s what some of my favorite blogs like Mommypotamus and The Food Renegade. It’s fun to be reminded that all of the holidays, not just Christmas, are for special food and family togetherness! 


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