Get Girl Power from Journal Writing: January 2015 Mothers Who Know

It’s a new year, are you ready to rumble?

Come empower yourself by discovering simple, effective habits that will help you conquer your self-defeating habits!

This month marks two years since I started teaching my Mothers Who Know class, which is the Eternal Warriors class for moms. I started out using the Girl Power journal pictured above. I filled it up and and since then I have filled up almost all of the other journals in the picture, plus the ones I didn’t even put in the picture. After I had kids, I dropped my consistent journal writing habit. I wasn’t sure how to connect my real life to what to write so that it was more than just “surface-y” reporting the days’ events. But NOW, my friends, because of the Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know class developed by Aneladee Milne and Maurice Harker, I learned to write in my journal in a way that gave me Girl Power! 

I have been going through a struggle for over two years now that I never would have expected to happen. Because of the following skills I have learned from the Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know class, I feel I can bear with this struggle/burden and not go crazy. Here are the skills I have learned that you will learn by taking the January Mothers Who Know course:

  • how to set goals and achieve them
  • how to conquer the negative voices in your head
  • how to overcome your “I don’t feel like following through” moments
  • how to write in your journal so that you achieve your goals
  • how to help your family set goals
  • how to keep track of the progress of your goals, even more than one at a time
  • how to master daily prayer, scripture reading, and journal writing
  • how to feel like a rock star in your own home!
  • how to get out of feeling stuck and alone
  • how to increase the flow of the feel good hormones of oxytocin and endorphin

I hope you sign up for the January Mothers Who Know Course! I am pushing back the starting date. It was going to be January 9 but now it is January 16. If you register by Monday January 12 midnight you can save $22 and get the early bird discount of $97!

January 2015 Mothers Who Know Class

January 16 to March 6 2015


1 to 3 PM MT

12 noon to 2 PM PT

2 to 4 PM CT

3 to 5 PM ET

for LDS Mothers Who Want to Mentor their Families to Be Addiction Proof

Please go here to get the rest of the info for how to register!

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