ACE the ACT Boot Camp is Coming to Davis County March 2015

The ACE the ACT Boot Camp is coming to Davis County, Utah this March. My two older kids attended this five years ago and loved it. It totally helped them increase their score by several points. This helped them both get academic scholarships to college as homeschoolers. If you live in northern Utah, and have a college-bound student age 14 and up, I highly recommend you have that student attend this class!


Go here to get all the information about the exact dates in March, the location, and the cost.

If your student is a resident of Davis County, he or she can get a scholarship through the 4-H program and get $100 off. Last I heard, only 8 spots are left. Go here to get the details on that. Once again, the scholarship is just for Davis County residents.

Here are some testimonials:

Thank you for all your help with Zach in his ACT prep.  His 32 score has done so much for Sterling Scholar and scholarships.  It is amazing how many doors are open (or closed) because of that test score.  Thanks again, Dale S., Morgan, UT

I was always scared about testing, especially the ACT.  After I attended your class, I knew I could do it.  I went home and set up a schedule like you showed us and stuck to it. I got my scores today and I got a 27.  I couldn’t have done it without your program.  Ashley M, Highland, UT

I am so impressed with Ann’s knowledge of how to ‘ace the ACT.’ She has not only uncovered all the secrets, she has put them all into a very palatable package for teens. I sat in on the class and wished I could have taken it when I was that young. With her humor, lots of visuals and handouts, and comic and inspiring videos, she has come up with the ultimate ACT test prep class. Celestia S., Kaysville, UT

I just wanted to thank you immensely for the help. I got a 27 and going from a 22 that’s not half bad! You really helped me open a lot of doors for myself. Hunter B. Eagle Mountain, UT

How come they don’t teach us this in school?  Wow, thanks for helping me “get” the ACT.  I know now that a scholarship is something within my reach.   Jenna J, West Valley City, UT

I GOT A 25!!!!!!!! Happy Day.  I can qualify for the scholarship offered through my dad’s work now.  I didn’t know how I was going to pay for college.  Now I do.   THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.  Candice L, North Ogden, UT


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