Shannon Hale is Coming to Bountiful in 2 Days!

Shannon Hale, one of my very favorite authors, is coming to the Bountiful branch of the Davis Public Library! Here are all the details:

shannon hale flyer -- DCL_Banner

The south branch library is located at 725 S. Main St. Bountiful UT. Come early to get a seat, and call 801-295-8732 if you have any questions. 

I have loved Shannon’s books. My favorite is Princess Academy, and the Goose Girl is a close second. It was nine years ago about this time that Shannon found out that PA won the Newbery Honor Award. It’s a beautiful book about courage and friendship. I have fond memories of that book, we listened to it on our way to Lake Tahoe and back for a family vacation. It’s based on the Grimm Brother’s fairy tale of the same title. Shannon has an amazing way of taking a simple story and turning it into a novel. Her use of imagery and metaphor is superb. She is also generous with teaching others the craft of writing. Every year she organizes a Writing for Charity event where people pay to have their writing critiqued by professional writers, including Shannon. All the money goes to charity. One of my sisters loves to go to it and is looking forward to it again this year. As a bonus, it’s held at the Provo Library, so you get to bask in all of that building’s loveliness. If you want to learn more about Shannon, you can catch her on her blog here.

The picture below shows my sister, on the right, and her sister-in-law at a previous Writing for Charity event with Shannon in the middle. I just love Shannon’s top with the swirly ruffle!

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