New Podcast for Homeschoolers!

I am so happy about this! A homeschooling mom in Idaho, Rebecca Bohman, has started a podcast just for homeschoolers! She is releasing podcasts three times a week. It’s called The Luminous Mind, and it’s based on agency-based education/freedom of education. She interviewed me today and we had a terrific time. That episode won’t be edited and released for a few months. For now you can enjoy the podcasts that are already done. Watch the first two episodes here in this blog post with Rebecca so you can get to know her, and then go to the Luminous Mind to get the rest! Rebecca is a total kindred spirit and I can’t wait to hear more of these. We both love the Tom Woods Show, She was inspired to do this by one of the guests Tom had on his show, The Entrepreneur on Fire. I heard that very episode, and I remember thinking, “Some homeschooler should do a ‘homeschooler on fire’ podcast.” I guess Rebecca picked up on my vibes across Utah into Idaho, and here is the result! I can tell we are going to be forever friends! As Tom says, “Have a listen!” and as Rebecca says, “Help light minds on fire, and change the paradigm of education.”

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