Fun Fridge Magnets, an Easy Gift for Valentine’s or Other Holidays

Here is a fun, easy gift you can make for Valentine’s Day or any day! It’s set of fridge magnets. I’m sorry this photo is a little blurry, I don’t want to take the time to take and upload a new one. You get the basic idea.


1. Find small pictures, art, and graphics, basically any eye candy you like, in LDS Church magazines, Deseret Book mailers, or online. I got most of the above pictures from recent issues of the Friend and New Era and a Deseret Book mailer.

2. Cut out the pictures. Use circle or ovals stencils if you can. If you want to be super fancy you can use glass filler beads that you find in the wedding section at craft stores. They look like glass blobs. The picture shows from the bottom.

3. Glue onto cardstock or recycled file folders, using a glue stick. Liquid glue will make the paper go wavy and warbly.

4. Hot glue a button magnet onto the back. Let it dry and then use your magnets!

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