Best Lasagna Ever!

This is the best lasagna recipe ever! It’s from the Pioneer Woman’s Holiday Cookbook. Mmmm…all the meat and cheese make it a total winner. I have made so many bad lasagnas over the years where my family has had to suffer through more lasagna “soups” than casseroles. You know the kind I am talking about? You can hardly cut it because the layers squish out all over the place and you need a bowl and spoon to properly eat it. But this one turned out perfect! I put in a bowl and it doesn’t even need it, ha-ha! More meat than sauce, and lots of flavor bursting in your mouth. Go here for the recipe and enjoy it! It is so satisfying that my little kids could only eat one piece and the rest of us just ate two when I made it for dinner a few weeks ago. We had tons of leftovers for lunch for the next two days! I am going back on a grain free diet next week. I am going to make it one last time for Valentine’s Day and then after that when I make it I am going to try using cooked spinach as the noodle layer.

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