Movie Suggestions for Valentine’s Day?

In past years I haven’t done much for Valentine’s Day. I just felt burned out with kids and responsibilities, I didn’t want one more thing to plan. Now that I have older kids and more help doing chores and the youngest is 5, I feel like I can plan more than just watching a romantic video with dh. I have felt inspired by the video shown of the Bates Family to make Valentine’s Day more of an “I Love You Day,” and by this post by April Perry of the

My two college kids are coming home for the weekend so we are all going to be here. I haven’t planned for a full out party with gifts, like the Bates do. I’m not ready for something that’s almost as elaborate as Christmas, but I am going to make the day special by watching/listening to RootsTech while I clean house with the kids. Then I think I will make some Valentine Day cookies with the little kids in the afternoon, and then some lasagna. We had this lasagna by The Pioneer Woman and oh my, it was divine. One taste and I felt like heaven was exploding in my mouth! It’s all of the cheese, and beef, and sausage and pepperoni! In her recipe directions she says to drain off some of the fat from the ground beef, but I subscribe to the fat is your friend philosophy so I say, why bother? Don’t give in to fat-phobia, fat makes you happy so eat it and enjoy! We are going to have it for Valentine’s Day for sure. Last time my 9 yo daughter helped me make it and this time I am going to involve her and my 10 yob.

After dinner dh and I will go on a date to the temple and then come home and watch a romantic movie. I have gotten fairly picky or jaded about movies as I’ve gotten old. The trouble with most Hollywood movies is that they usually only focus on lust, not love that ends in marriage, childbearing, and family growth. They tell the story of the boy and girl falling in love, but then you hardly see the family that is born from that love or the hard times that the family goes through. When we were first married I liked watching all of those typical romantic classics like Singing in the Rain, Casablanca or the newer classic of You’ve Got Mail, but now that I’m a tired old mom, I want something meatier that shows “the rest of the story.” I want to see romantic love that fosters the growth of children and family togetherness through hard times. What happens when the honeymoon is over, you are fat and your husband is bald, and you are behind on bills and you have kids who whine and disobey and the toilet is clogged? How do you keep the romance going? So far what I have found that somewhat fits the bill for what I want are:

  • The HBO John Adams made for TV miniseries
  • The Duggars and Bates TV episodes
  • The movie about Emma Smith
  • The love story of Robert and Clara Schummann, shown below

I would love to hear your suggestions!

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