Come Experience a Holistic Family Fair this Saturday!

Have you ever been to carnivals with your family and left feeling slightly depressed? I know I have. Sure, it’s pleasurable to play the games, ride the rides, and eat the cotton candy, but then when I leave I haven’t grown or learned anything to make me a better person. No surprise there, since the word “carnival” comes from the Latin root word “carn” which means flesh. Carnivals are all about pleasing the flesh. It’s time for a renaissance of community-based wholesome family entertainment that involves traditional forms of nourishing the spirit, mind and body.

My friend Katie F. Hansen, pictured in the video above,​ is hosting a “holistic family fair” this Saturday March 28th in Bountiful UT. Come join us for holistic entertainment and crafting. Enzio Busche will give the keynote address at 10 AM. Storytelling, dancing, and wholesome ways to nourish your family will be featured! Watch the video and then go to the link at the end of the video to register. It’s time for a renaissance of community, dancing, and wholesome family recreation! Go here to register! It’s only $35 family. Here’s the schedule for the awesome day! Bring a picnic or plan on buying some of the nourishing food there.

The NEW Schedule

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