Latter-day Learning Curriculum: Get Access for $1, for a Limited Time!

OK, OK, I give in. I’ve been resisting the Family School curriculum, sold by Latter-day Learning which is part of the American Heritage School in American Fork Utah. This is an LDS-based private school, and Latter-day Learning Family School is the curriculum the school sells for homeschoolers. I thought it was too “conveyor belt” and “artificial.” As a long time homeschooler, I have come to know myself really well as to what works for me and what doesn’t. I do not like having a curriculum hanging over my head, telling me what to do every day. Maybe it’s my Carol Tuttle Type 1 randomness and rebelliousness coming out. I don’t like feeling I have to do x amount of work to get “done” in 9 months every “school year,” or to think I have to cover so many subjects every day with all the kids.

I don’t like staying up the night before rounding up things for a lesson, like paper clips, boiled eggs or pipe cleaners, not to mention poring over lesson plans. I prefer to equip my children with scholarly skills like reading, writing, and computing so they can go through a curriculum on their own when they are scholar age. So that’s why I didn’t jump on board when the Family School curriculum first came out a few years ago. I am sure it has wonderful content, but it’s just not my style to use any kind of boxed curriculum, except for math. ( I do use workbooks for my kids with the accompanying DVDs). I am very eclectic and random when it comes to homeschooling. I like every day to look different as to what we study according to their interests, after morning chores, devotional, and math studies are done. So far, my “method” has worked, as my two oldest kids are in college now on academic scholarships. I am having a paradigm shift however by reading the Brainy Bunch, written by a homeschooling mom and dad of ten kids, which is a post for another day.

Anyhow, I couldn’t resist this offer. Now through March 31, 2015 Latter-day Learning is offering online access to the curriculum for only $1, and then starting in September they will charge $19.99 a month, and you can cancel any time. they call this the Founding Family 2015 offer. So you can preview the curriculum and try it out for practically free this spring and summer, and then continue to pay more if you love it. This is how I plan on using the curriculum: I am going to read the curriculum (randomly of course) and share what I learn with my kids during devotional and mealtimes, not by sitting next to them making sure they put the right answer in the blank line in the workbook. Just watch the video below to learn how to sign up.

This video shows two ladies who wrote a lot of the curriculum, Jane Mack and Nannette Wiggins. They are sisters and long-time homeschoolers in Utah County, Utah. I attended a few events to hear them speak over a decade ago when I lived in the Provo/Orem area. They used to homeschool together when their kids were at home. How fun to have school with your cousins!

Here’s another video with Jane and Nanette, explaining the “Family School” Way.

Here is my cute friend Dana, in the video below. She is one of my Veggie Gals girlfriends. She loves the curriculum.

Latter-day Learning also has a YouTube channel with a ton of interesting videos you could watch yourself and share as you deem fit with your kids to make some of the stories you are teaching from the curriculum come alive. Enjoy! Just don’t let the curriculum make you feel guilty that you aren’t going “through” it according to their timetable. 

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