12 Ideas for a Christ-centered Easter

Easter is coming! Are you ready? If you want to create more meaning than the crash after a sugar high eating a chocolate bunny, here are 12 ideas for creating a Christ-centered Easter.

1. Watch the new video by the LDS Church, called He Lives, pictured above.

2. Get ideas from the book below, A Christ-centered Easter. It’s marvelous! I am rather partial to it, since my husband’s cousin wrote it. She gives ideas for a Passover meal, a Bethlehem supper, an Plan of Salvation Treasure hunt, and more.


3. Have an Easter egg hunt with health-ier treats from the health food store, and then gather in the front of your DVD player or the Internet to watch Finding Faith in Jesus Christ (a movie produced by the LDS Church, embedded below the picture below). I look for treats in the bulk room of the health food store and in the bulk natural foods at my local grocery store. I still read labels on the bins, and avoid the candy with the artificial food colors. Lately my mom has been having an egg hunt in her backyard every year. She often puts non-food treats in the plastic eggs, like miniature bottles of bubble-blowing solution, stretchy bunnies, plastic jewelry for the girls, and bouncy balls. 

4. Tell the Easter story with plastic eggs. You could even include the eggs with the token symbol for each part of the story, with your regular Easter egg hunt, and then gather everyone to share the story while they eat the treats and open up the eggs with the token symbols.

5. Do a service project for someone in your neighborhood, such as pulling weeds or yardwork for a family who can’t do it on their own.

6. Read Easter stories from March and April issues of the Friend.

7. Make Christ-centered Easter crafts, found in the link above, and also found here.

8. Make Easter foods that remind you of the Savior and His resurrection, in the two links in #6 and #7 above.

In the Garden

9. Read Easter picture books (click on link to get a list).

10. Read the Easter story in the scriptures. In the book by Janet Hilton Hales that I mentioned above, she has scripture readings for every day for the week leading up to Easter.

11. Watch the Easter Dream by the LDS Church, featured below.

12. Watch the Lamb of God

I don’t know how much of the footage in the above films is duplicated in the movie below, but just in case you want more to watch, I put the full movie that the LDS church produced about Jesus Christ below. Happy Easter everyone! If you have any more ideas on how to celebrate a Christ-centered Easter, please comment below.

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