Great Ideas on Cooking Grain-free in Bulk for Kids

Here are some new videos from blogger Cara Comini, over at She blogs about the GAPS diet for kids and eating grain free. If you have heard about the benefits of going low carb, or even grain free, but the whole thing felt daunting, these video tutorials will help you see that it can be done! Cara’s daughter healed from autism by being on a GAPS diet for a few years, so it can definitely change lives. 

The above video gives ideas on preparing fruit, vegetable, and easy meat snacks for kids. Then the video below is about how to make grain-free crackers that kids will actually eat.

If you watch the next one below you can learn how to make 100 grain-free meatballs at once. You might be wondering why you would ever want to do that, but if you have a bunch of kids like I do, and you want them to have some kind of portable protein lunch without bread these would be just the thing to include.

Lastly, you can learn how to always have beef stock on hand in the video below. You can do it by creating a bulk batch of homemade beef stock bouillon cubes that don’t take a ton of space in your refrigerator to store, like liquid beef stock does. If you have ever tried the GAPS diet, you will appreciate the idea of having bouillon cubes whenever you want, as beef stock is one of the chief stapes of the diet.

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