Revised Mothers Who Know Class and Giveaway of Registration

Guess what?!? The elves behind the marvelous Eternal Warriors class that I teach, which I call Mothers Who Know, when I teach it to mothers, have added FOUR new lessons. I am so excited to share these with you! I am adding them in starting with the next Mothers Who Know session that I teach, which begins Wednesday April 29th. You can go here to get all of the details for the new class. Basically, it will be ten weeks instead of eight, and I will cut down on part of the old class to add in these new lessons. The tuition cost has gone up by $30. So the early bird price is now $127, and the regular price is $177. Graduates of the “old” class can attend for $67 early bird, $77 regular price.. 

I love to give away a free registration of the class anytime I teach it, so this is the announcement that I am doing so for this class. Please comment below to enter the random drawing to enter the free giveaway. If you win, you get free tuition for the class, but you still get to buy materials for the class. I will do the drawing on Saturday April 18th.

Here are the topics of the five new lessons:

  • what’s the big deal about porn and how to teach your children what to do when they are accidentally exposed to it
  • be still and know that I am God (how to connect with God when you experience negative body chemistry)
  • how to remember your values with vocal affirmations
  • what is shame and how to let go of it
  • passion projects, why they are important and how to identify your passion projects!

Come join us! 

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