Is the Mississippi River the River Sidon and the Land of Zarahemla Across from Nauvoo?

Start watching this video from the 18 minute mark and you will learn about some ideas about why Zarahemla in the Book of Mormon may be across from Nauvoo, Illinois and how the Mississippi River could be the river Sidon. This video is of a presentation given just last Sunday April 12th. 

I am guessing it was held in conjunction with the Book of Mormon evidence conference that was held for three days last week in Orem UT. Here’s a powerful presentation, below, from that conference last year, given by my children’s 2nd cousin, Jake Hilton. Jake was a presenter this year as well. I checked out the speaker list for this year and the topics and speakers looked exciting. One of them is my husband’s cousin, Larry Hilton, who started the sound money movement here in Utah. I like that they included some holistic health topics. My mother-in-law, who moved to a place about four blocks away from me, invited me to go this year with her but I had conflicts and couldn’t go. I hope they put the presentations on youtube. Here is the Youtube channel of the organization behind the conference, called FIRM. I think some of the videos may be of previous presentations from the conference.

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