Here’s My Interview with the Luminous Mind!

My interview with Rebecca Bohman of the Luminous Mind was published today! You can listen to it in the following ways:

For some reason, when I go to watch it on Youtube, it won’t pass my safety mode. Maybe because I mention breastfeeding? I promise I didn’t say anything risque.
Anyway, I am honored to share my passion for freedom in mothering, which for me manifests itself in empowered childbirthing, breastfeeding, home-based healing, and homeschooling, among other things. As Tom Woods says, “Have a listen!”
Some of my wonderful homeschooling friends have also been interviewed:

If you would like to be interviewed by Rebecca of the Luminous Mind, please go here and let her know! This is all about spreading a wildfire of conviction about facilitating the best learning possible for our children. I want to hear all of your stories!

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