Keepin’ it Real #1

I am sorry for the lull in blogging. I think I am recovered from the Youth Conference I put on, Mother’s Day festivities, and supporting Shakespeare plays of the past two weeks. We got to take the kids and some of their friends to the U. of U. vs. BYU baseball game last week for free as part of a Little League event sponsored by the city. Two of my kids are playing ball this spring so that’s another thing that has been taking up my time.

Anyway, it was a great game! The Cougars won, 16 to 6. Best of all, I had a change in attitude as I worked out a deal with my mother-in-law. I knew I needed someone to watch the littles during the day while I went for an appointment with my hairdresser, since all of my big kids would be gone that day. Darn those college and Shakespeare play rehearsal commitments! All four potential babysitters were out of the picture. I was hesitant in asking her since I knew the last time she tended them, she fell asleep. Finally I realized, hey, instead of getting mad, (after all, I do sometimes take naps when I am “babysitting”) just know that it is going to happen again if she watches them. Plan for it! Tell her you will get some DVDs. They can watch all they want. Get a comfy blanket for her on the couch. Tell her and the kids that they are to wake her up if something’s on fire or blood is spilling. Problem solved! This was a definite “keepin’ it real” moment for me. I felt so much better when I came home and sure enough, she was asleep.

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