Preparedness Fair in Ogden This Weekend

My friend sent this to me and I am passing this on for those of you in the northern Utah area:
Are you noticing more signs of the last days than ever before? With the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, crazy weather patterns, a drastic increase in natural disasters, terrorism, and other events, getting prepared for the Second Coming seems more important than ever before. 
Here is a FREE preparedness convention in Ogden, Utah with free speakers, and at or near WHOLESALE prices on preparedness stuff! Can’t beat that! 

We invite all like minded individuals to join us for a day filled with speakers, classes, and vendors focused on preparing for these last days, vendors will be providing products at or near wholesale for significant discounts off retail, allowing you to provide for your families preparedness at a much easier cost.

This go around we will have a large Grassy Field for people to setup tents and camp out during the expo.

We have over 1000 campsites available for attendees or vendors alike located right next to the vendor buildings, Campsites start out at only $10 and that covers all 4 days of the event, so save yourself the money you would spend on a hotel and instead join us for an amazingly great time in a like minded camp out. There will be tent vendors and others in the camping area and fun activities, including Hand Cart Racing! Meet and greet at night with many of those you have seen speak or give presentations.

Remember Attendees get into the Convention entirely FREE so tell your friends, families, and invite your neighbors, wards, stakes, or anyone else you think may enjoy the convention.

We are still in need of volunteers to help with setup, take down, running information booths, and cleanup throughout the event. Volunteers will be given T-Shirts to identify them, as well as a “package” of preparedness supplies valued at over $100 for lending us their time. If your interested please email me at and let me know which days and times of the day you would be willing to volunteer your time.

Our First expo received well over 4,000 attendees, this coming expo on July 15th to 18th is looking closer to over 10,000 attendess. During our first expo nearly every vendor sold out of their inventory within the first 3 hours, many vendors (such as black pine sports out of salt lake) were able to do tens of thousands in continued sales throughout the week following, Many even took tents of thousands in special orders during the remaining hours of the expo, please feel free to call the above vendor for a reference.

We have one requirement of all vendors that come to the show, you must sell your product at or near wholesale, mark up is allowed but very minimal, for an example, if the product would usually have a 50% margin, say wholesale is $10 and retail is $20, you may go up to 40% of the total margin, so in this case your highest margin you may sell at would be 20% margin. 

As a manufacturer you can obviously make money selling at wholesale or even below, but that is your choice, but from the response to the last convention the lower you go the more you will sell and the more our attendees will spread the word to others.

The convention is 4 days long, on wednesday from 8am to 2pm is vendor setup and time for attendees to setup their tents (We have over 1000 camping sites next to the vendor buildings for attendees), from 2pm to 6pm we will open the vendor buildings for a “sneak preview” of the vendors, vendors are encouraged but not expected to provide an additional “special” of some sort that is strictly for that 4 hour time period. 

Thursday and Friday the event is open from 8am to 8pm, Main speakers and classes will run throughout the entire day with 30 minute gaps between them to allow more attendees to visit vendor booths. Saturday runs from 8am to 8pm however Vendors start cleaning up after 4pm.

To register for the booth please visit the website at and scroll down to the FAQ section and click on “How do I reserve a vendor booth?” to select your size. If you would like to have your setup in the campground (Usually best for tent companies so you can setup a full size tent or two) Please use the regular campground registration at the top of the site in the about section. 

You will notice after seeing pricing that we are very low in price, we have not intended this event the last time or this time to make us money so 10×10 booths start out at $75, And camp sites start out at $10 total for all 4 days. Our intention is to break even,

If you have any questions please give me a call on my cell phone, I am the primary event organizer.

Brandon Mysliwiec

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