Youth for Freedom, Through the Years

My three oldest kids went to Youth for Freedom youth leadership cam (YFF) last month and got back on Father’s Day. We had a great holiday, with heaven on earth for a few hours while they were all here. Then the oldest two headed back to Rexburg for their stuff at BYU-I. They were both counselors this year at (YFF). It’s like EFY for TJEDers. We started taking our kids to it back in 2008, and someone from our family has gone almost every year since. It’s a fun 3 day event where kids get to challenge old ways of thinking so they can have emotional freedom. I wish it were more intellectual, where they discussed a lot more books and did intellectual competitions, but maybe that will come with time. The camp no longer hosts the Andau scholarship competition like it used to. The two college kids have also attended Elevation, sponsored by Williamsburg Academy, and I asked them what the difference between the two camps is. They said that that Elevation is like Youth for Freedom planned by men. My daughter said that Elevation has more quiet time and an Eastern philosophy influence.

My four YFFers, although the youngest didn’t go this year, because he chose to attend a Scout leadership camp instead.

This is my son having on oral exam, given by the three people in the picture below, for the Andau scholarship competition. 

I thought it would be fun to put up some pictures of my different visits to Youth for Freedom through the years. The place it is held, Clear Creek Family Ranch, has a unique feeling about it. Maybe because it is in the mountains and just east of Zion National Park, one of the most beautiful places on earth! It just feels so peaceful. Maybe because so many fun energetic youth gather here for a few days every year. Or maybe because this is where I got to see my son showcase all of his hard work and preparation of scholar phase when he got interviewed intensely and won the Andau competition four years ago. The two pictures above and the video below are from that year. All three of my older kids went that year.

One year the organizers had a parents’ meeting. We got to hear from Aneladee Milne, Kirk Duncan, and Jim Rhoades. I remember the whole things just felt magical, peaceful, and exciting at the same time. They shared amazing principles and stories. Sorry the pictures are kind of blurry.

My fun son caught my camera and flashed a smile! Hooray for freedom and hooray for youth!

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