Dates with God: Chapter 1, Part 3, Meet Lauren!

In today’s installment of my novel, Dates With God: How Four Mormon Mamas Beat Satan Using the Book of Mormon, we meet Lauren. Lauren is a super-smart, high-powered mom who could easily be a CEO. She graduated from law school summa cum laude. After she started having babies she quit her high salary at a prestigious law firm to become a doula and midwife, and then she founded a nonprofit childbirth education organization. She is a public speaker in great demand, so she travels the country to inspire women to have natural birth. She runs a highly popular web site for moms about natural birth, breastfeeding, lotus birth, green living, anti-circumcision, home organization and decor, and mom empowerment. She spends hours on it everyday, when she is not out being a midwife or speaking. She frequently gets into online feuds because of her brash personality and high ideals. She is stylish, loud, super capable, and she has never known a timid day in her life. Her life is perfect, or is it?

So here’s Chapter 1, Part 3 of Dates with God, Lauren’s Letter #1 in which Lauren writes a letter to her husband.

Lauren Week #1

Dear James,


I am only taking this class because the Spirit told me to. Even then, I was wary and stalled enrolling, but I had a friend tell me how great the class was so I finally relented.


I know you don’t appreciate me. I can’t talk to you about things any more, you won’t listen. You just clam up and stonewall me. If you would listen and do as I say, things would be so much better. What is it going to take for you to quit your dad’s business and go get one of your own? What will it take to stop living in daddy’s shadow? Even if you do stay at his business for a while, you could at least go back to school so that you have a degree, and then move on to something else that is your own deal.


I am working so hard at all my roles. I don’t think you realize how influential I am with my site. I love helping women get empowered to birth naturally. I love being a midwife too. You know how I quit being a lawyer after the birth of Logan because I still wanted a career, but I wanted something that wasn’t 9 to 5 and I was tired of the legal world. Giving birth to Logan naturally was the best thing I had experienced and I wanted to share that feeling with every woman I could.  I felt I could take charge of women’s births and get them to have the births they wanted after being burned by the mainstream birthing system. So many women have written me emails and commented on my blog about how great my birthing method is. I love being able to use this method with all of my midwifery clients. I love flying all over the country speaking about it as well. It’s been great to get paid doing what I love. I never did want to be home all day with the kids. That sounds so boring. I love having a housekeeper and a nanny. The four kids are turning out OK, and we have all the comforts and luxuries I want, for now, thanks to me. We never could have survived on just your income.


I am not sure about this self-mastery class that I just started. I know you don’t listen to me anymore, so I need a place where I can vent. This class gives me some people, away from my business and blogs, to hear me in person. I like blogging and getting comments but I prefer in person dialogue. The class has some interesting women in it. There’s Jill, who I click with the most. She seems like the type I would have been friends with in high school. Then there’s Emma. She seems really shy. Kate is fat and opinionated. I might have some words with her. She is already rubbing me the wrong way.


your sincere wife,


Come back tomorrow to meet Kate!

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