Gluten-free, Grain-free, Sugar-free Birthday Cake!

We have three summer birthdays in my family. I finally found a way to dress up the watermelon “cake” that I have traditionally used every year for their birthday celebrations, when I feel too hot and tired to bake a cake. In the past I have just sliced a piece of watermelon that is circular, about two inches thick, left the rind on, and then stuck candles into the slice. It did the job but I am so thrilled that I stumbled across an idea from Kristen, Michaelis, the Food Renegade, on how to make the watermelon much fancier! You cut a much bigger slice so it is more cylindrical than just a slab, cut the rind off, round off the corners as much as you can, and then frost with stiff whipped cream! That way it looks like a typical layered birthday cake. Yes, it is just pure watermelon and cream, so if people in your family don’t like watermelon or cream or the two put together you will have to find another idea. In the link I just made a few lines above you can get the recipe to sweeten and flavor the cream with vanilla. My family likes the cream without the sweetener and vanilla, so I just leave them out since it’s extra work for me to add them in. This is the easiest grain-free/gluten-free/sugar-free cake I have ever made.

Oh, be sure to use a an actual mixer when you whip the cream. Last year when we went to CA, my son’s birthday fell during our family reunion/vacation. I had planned on making this cake but did not bring my mixer. The condo kitchen only had a blender, not a mixer. I tried to whip the cream with the blender. It didn’t work, and the whipped cream was sliding off the sides of the cake because it wasn’t stiff enough! They ate it anyway but it wasn’t pretty. Also remember to check your stock of birthday candles before the big day. I forgot this last time so my stubby leftover candles look rather sad and ugly in this picture. Oh well! At least I remembered before the next boy’s birthday came around three weeks later, today!


It’s amazing how one little idea can transform the food I serve to make it be much more festive and fun. At least to me! LOL, my birthday boys don’t really like the cream with watermelon but I sure do. Too bad my birthday isn’t in the summer because then I would make it for me!

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