Meet Serial Missionaries Susan and George

While we are at Nauvoo last week we visited the Land and Records office so both my husband and I could find the actual pieces of land where our ancestors lived in Nauvoo. I noticed that much of the database was prepared by Dr. Susan Easton Black. She’s a former professor of religion and church history at BYU. She was also the wife of the bishop of our BYU married student ward, Dr. Harvey Black. I fondly remember her giving talks in sacrament meeting. So then I started to miss her. On my way home from Nauvoo, I was checking my yahoo email messages and found out that she was speaking that very next day in Salt Lake City with her new husband, George Durrant. Wow, I didn’t know that they had gotten married! Talk about an interesting couple! Both of them are public speakers and authors. Both of their previous spouses passed away a few years ago. I was excited to realize that I would be home in time to attend the fireside, and it was about marriage, so that meant it was a perfect date night for us, especially since we hadn’t been on a date in over a week because of the vacation. Thanks to my friend Melanie who sent the email, somehow subconsciously knowing that I was missing Susan and would love to hear her speak!

Both Susan and George talked about how important it is to please your spouse. George said that his goal every day is to serve Susan so that she is always glad that she married him. I thought that was so sweet! Susan spoke about how the Ten Commandments are a super guide to marriage. If you are keeping all of the Ten Commandments, you will improve your happiness and your marriage.

Coincidentally, Susan and George finished a mission at Nauvoo, but now they are going back later this year. We just  missed seeing them there! They say they want to be “serial missionaries.” I found this cool video by Susan about the Nauvoo Temple. We got to go there and do temple work. My 3rd-great-grandfather even helped to lay the foundation stones of the temple; she even mentions him in the speech.


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