Dates with God, Chapter 3, Part 2: Jill’s Letter #3:

Here’s the next installment from my new novel, Dates with God. This is  Chapter 3: Part 2, Jill’s Letter #3, in which Jill loses a battle because of Pinterest, and then gets interrupted when she writes about it.

Jill’s Week #3


Dear God,


Two days ago I had a lost battle. One of my goals is to get dinner on the table by 5:30 PM. It had really been a rough day with the baby teething and the piles of laundry. I finally got him to take a nap but it was 4 PM and I was exhausted. This kid is like the Energizer Bunny on steroids. When he is in pain he just gets more active so he can distract himself I guess. After I got him down, I thought, “OK, I’m just going to take a little computer break and then I will fix dinner.” So I went to Pinterest. I saw that my online friend Aspen of UrbanEarthMom had posted this really awesome picture of the most darling all-in-one diaper cover. We’ve been talking back and forth about how hard it is to make one for less than $5. I had to text her right away to get more details. Then she told me of an online place to get the supplies for less than $5. I had to check that out, and while I was doing that I wanted to be listening to my favorite podcast. Before I knew it, Lacy came to me asking if I could pour her some cereal. It was 6:45 PM! The older kids were eating the cold cereal that I got for the weekend’s breakfast, and to top it off, nobody bothered to help her! I yelled at them for getting into the cold cereal when they knew I was saving it for the weekend, when Rob and I sleep in and let them get breakfast. I also yelled at them for not helping their little sister. I really don’t want to do a Lost Battle Analysis about this. I know the mentor’s going to ask if I did. I don’t know what to say for any of the questions.

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