Day 2 of our Trip to Nauvoo

On Day 2 of our trip to Nauvoo, we enjoyed visiting with our Colorado cousins in the morning. My sweet sister-in-law took the trouble to round up air mattresses for all of the kids to sleep on in her downstairs family room turned into fitness studio. My sweet niece gave up her bedroom for my husband and me, and then my sweet nephew gave up his room for Grammi. After getting up at 4:45 AM the day before, I was planning on sleeping in before we hit the road for another day of travel. Around 5:30 I woke up to a voice saying, “I’m going to throw up!” This is not the sound you want to hear from your child when he is sleeping as a guest on a borrowed air mattress. “Here…let me help you get to the bathroom!”

“Bless you my child!” I thought as I attempted to go back to sleep. The first voice was my almost-6-year-old, the second voice was my 19 year old daughter. It was payback time! As all moms, I’m sure, I have been roused from sleep countless times to help a sick child. This time I could relax and let someone else do the duty. It’s just so nice to have responsible, kind adult children who watch out for little siblings!

So no air mattresses were harmed during this vacation! We had fun checking out all of Aunt Mary’s fitness equpiment. She is a fitness trainer over here. She gave us some pointers on how to use the equipment. I learned how to build up to doing pull-ups, something I’ve never been able to do, by using giant rubber bands to support my weight on a pull-up bar.

I loved seeing all of her motivational posters. The sayings reminded me of the Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know class that I teach. Her studio is beautifully decorated!

We left before noon and in a few hours we were in Nebraska. My mother-in-law told some family history stories of my children’s pioneer ancestors. We stopped in North Platte Nebraska for a pit stop at the rest stop where a bunch of teenage girls in white Wranglers and white shirts swarmed the place, as well as a tour bus of senior citizens. Apparently the girls in white with red “Ws” on their backs were “Wranglairs” who are a horse-riding drill team. I didn’t know such a thing existed. My husband had fun teasing our teenage boys, asking if they had wanted to talk to any of the cute girls. Just last week my husband was bemoaning the “fact” that our older children aren’t falling in love with our fellow homeschoolers but are looking “beyond our own backyard” for potential marriage partners. So my son reminded him that looking at strange Nebraskan cowgirls was about looking as far beyond our own backyard as you can get. Touche! That shut my husband up. It was fun to have conversations like that throughout the whole trip. We traveled for many hours, driving all the way across Nebraska, to get to the eastern edge where we stayed at a motel in Omaha. Next site to see: Winter Quarters! 

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