Day 3 Part 1, of our Trip to Nauvoo: Winter Quarters!

We started Day 3 of our trip to Nauvoo by going to the LDS Church Winter Quarters Visitors’ Center. It’s next to the Winter Quarters temple, pictured above. 

Grammi, who was traveling with us, was a missionary here over 14 years ago. She pointed out to us that the beautiful statues in front of the Visitors’ Center were sculpted by her Provo neighbor/fellow ward member Franz Johansen.

She had fun resuming her position behind the desk, if but just for a moment.

We enjoyed the guided tour of the Visitors’ Center. The kids had fun pulling the handcart on display and I enjoyed reading all of the plaques. I wish I could have stayed longer to read everything thoroughly and take notes. Here is a great quote from Pres. Monson that I just love about the pioneers:

 We honor those who endured incredible hardships. We praise their names and reflect on their sacrifices. But what about our times? Are their pioneering experiences for us? Will future generations reflect with gratitude on our efforts, our examples? You can indeed be pioneers in courage, in faith, in charity, in determination. You can strengthen one another, you have the capacity to notice the unnoticed. When you have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others.


I hope the lives of the pioneers will help each of us to find their same kind of faith and courage as we live our lives today. What we do matters! Our pioneering efforts to do new things, start new traditions with our families and ourselves matter! 

Next stop: the Kanesville Tabernacle.

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