Do You Want Your Youth to Verbally Fight for What is Right and Win?

 this handsome young man pictured above is my wonderful son. He is offering speech and debate classes in Bountiful UT this school year. He has tons of experience and would love to help your scholar age youth hone their speech and debate skills. He has won numerous awards at the Wasatch Homeschool Debate League tournaments, and his team took second place in state for the mock trial competition in 2014.

If you want your children to be articulate and virtuous have them take this class so they can verbally fight for what is right!

Right now, your child is preparing for adulthood. They are preparing for a life of work, career, having a family, raising kids, and making a difference in society. Are you preparing your child to effectively influence others for good?

This school year, join Liber Speech and Debate as they prepare students to become men and women of influence. By mastering the art of rhetoric and debate, students learn important skills such as critical thinking, swaying a crowd, and personal development, through a good class environment, and healthy competition. Liber Speech and Debate is a branch of the Wasatch Independent Debate League (formerly the Wasatch Homeschool Debate League) or WIDL. WIDL will be offering seven speech and debate tournaments within the coming year that students will get to participate in.

See the info below for more details. If you are interested, or have any questions please contact Dallin Shumway, Director of Liber Speech and Debate, at 801-544-7548 or He would love to hear from you!

Classes will be held every Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:00(ish) starting September 8th at the American Legion Building in Bountiful, UT (52 W 200 S Bountiful UT, 84010)

Classes are taught by Dallin Shumway, director of Liber Speech and Debate. Dallin is a long time member of the WIDL. For the past two years Dallin has helped lead the league’s Mock Trial team to the finals in the Utah State High School Mock Trial Competition, taking 2nd place in the 2014 season. Dallin also has received an honorable mention for Diversity of Accomplishment in speech and debate from the WIDL and was named the league’s best mock trial attorney in 2014.

Dallin’s mentoring style is one that focuses on personal development, rather than just the content of the class. He uses a process of planning, doing, checking how things went, and adjusting accordingly, to help his students grow and improve. “Ralph Waldo Emerson sums up my teaching style this way,” Dallin says,”Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be.”

Here is what homeschoolers, just like you, are saying about this program;

Our experience in debate with Dallin Shumway at the Liber Academy has been wonderful. He has inspired my daughter to seek knowledge in subjects in which she initially had no interest. He believed in her and led her down a path where she learned how to think logically and how to find the truth in an argument. He provided a safe environment for her to experiment with her writing style, her study habits, and public speaking. He encouraged her to honestly look at herself and grow into who she wanted to be. She is a different student coming out of his class at the end of the year than she was going into the class. His mentoring style has made a world of difference. I am so happy that we made the decision to attend his class. He gave her more than the ability to debate, he showed her how to find confidence in herself. ~Lori King, Homeschool Mom, Ogden Utah.

When I took Dallin’s debate class, one of my favorite and most useful things that he taught me was to plan, do, check, and adjust. Plan or prepare a speech or argument, do the argument, check to see what you can improve on and adjust accordingly. I loved that he gave us challenging homework every week to make sure that we were prepared for the tournaments. And most of all, he was understanding when we didn’t do as well as we wanted. ~ Emily, age 14, Utah Homeschool Student

Your child too can have this experience! To register, contact Dallin Shumway at 801-544-7548, or email him at


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