A Yummy, Grain-free Tortilla and Why Go Paleo?

Have you heard of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, the Paleomom? I just discovered her and I am excited to learn everything from her web site, books, and podcasts. In the above video she shares a recipe for a grain-free tortilla using cassava flour.

Why would anybody want to eat a paleo diet? Sarah explains in the video below, about how the paleo diet can help with autoimmune disorders. She is certainly qualified to explain the science of it, as she has bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in science. She also has personal experience in healing her own autoimmune disorders from changing to a paleo diet. She says that within two weeks of starting her paleo diet she was able to stop taking all 6 prescriptions for her autoimmune diseases. Wow! She was morbidly obese when she had her first baby, but then lost 125 pounds by going paleo. Paleo might not be for everyone, but if you have autoimmune problems, it is worth a try!

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