Meet iMothering- It’s Like a Mothering Conference, In Your Home

When I was a younger mom, I loved going to La Leche League International Conferences. I had some great trips to Orlando, Washington D.C., and Chicago, as a La Leche League Leader, usually with a nursling in tow. I got to have a break from the daily grind, meet other nursing moms from around the world, find unique gifts (have you ever seen a doll that give birth and breastfeed? I got one at one of these conferences!) and hear world renowned speakers who are experts on breastfeeding and parenting, like Dr. Sears. I learned so many wonderful ideas to help me be a better mom and I always left the conferences feeling recharged and renewed.

Times have changed and LLL no longer offers these conferences. So I was excited to hear that some women have put together an online alternative, called Every month, this website features two speakers in mp3 format, that you can listen to for free. You don’t have to pay for airfare, hotel costs, or conference registration fees. What a great idea!

For September, you can hear these two speakers by clicking on this link and scrolling down the page:

  • Linda J. Smith, one of the authors of the book pictured below, talk about how to have “sweet sleep” with a baby. 

  • Dr. Jennifer Margulis, an investigative journalist and travel, parenting and culture author. She is the author of the book pictured below.


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