Day 4 Part 6 of Our Trip to Nauvoo

On Day 4 of our trip to Nauvoo, we came home for lunch after the wagon ride. While eating lunch, my  mother-in-law mentioned that she thought the home of her ancestor, Jeremiah Hill Hatch, was still standing in Nauvoo, but she didn’t know where. So then my brilliant beautiful 19 year old daughter Googled it and found the address.

So we went looking for it and found that the home was just around the corner and up the street from the motel! It’s on the corner of Iowa and Knight streets. Here is everybody, but me, standing in front of it.

It has this plaque mounted on it from the DAR. It’s being converted into a vacation rental.

It’s so fun to make personal discoveries like this in a place far from home!

Jeremiah Hatch was an amazing man. As a young man he was a fifer in the army for the Revolutionary War. He married a Quaker woman. One of his sons heard about Joseph Smith and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and got baptized. So then the son taught the gospel to him and he and his wife joined the Church as well and came to Nauvoo.  Here is his biography from

Born to Nathaniel Hatch and Achsah Parmelee. His father died when he was 10 years old. Jeremiah was bound out to a miller in hopes that he would learn a trade. However the miller was unkind to him so when Jeremiah was fifteen years old he joined the army in April 1781. Since he was only a boy but could play the fife, he became a fifer in Colonel John Creation’s 3rd Regiment. He was discharged Nov 30 1782. He married Elizabeth Haight on 23 Nov 1789. He was given the rank of captain in charge of the military company in his home town. He was given Bounty Lands as a result of his military service, in Bristol, Addison, Vermont. They raised their family there. The first four children died the day of their birth. They adopted a daughter, Mariah , who lived to raise a family. Elizabeth promised the Lord that if he would give her a child she would raise him to the Lord. Following that, she was blessed with four sons. Their first son, Hezekiah , was the first to hear the gospel. He, in turn, taught his parents and family. They were baptized in 1840 . Elizabeth had been on crutches for 13 years, but after her baptism, she threw them away and never used them again. She was 68 and her husband was 74. Despite their ages, they sold their farm and moved 1500 miles to Nauvoo . Jeremiah bought a house in Nauvoo in 1842 . Their oldest son died there. In 1846 they were forced to leave with the saints. Elizabeth died at Winter Quarters in 1847 and Jeremiah died at Pleasant Grove 10 miles from Winter Quarters in 1851 at the home of his son Josephus. Rumored to be killed from a mob raid. The rest of the family came on to the Valley.

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