Day 4 Part 7 of Our Trip to Nauvoo: The Play

We capped off the night of our first day in Nauvoo (Day 4 of our trip since we took three days to drive there from Utah) by going to the play, Rendezvous in Nauvoo. As you can see by the smiles on my kids’ faces, it delighted us!

It was so fun to see some of the senior missionaries, whom we had seen during the day, as tour guides, act in the play.

The sister missionary in the photo above, Sister Brinley, was one of the missionaries in the Nauvoo Land and Records Office. My mother-in-law recognized her as a former ward member from their ward in Provo. 

The play had lots of laughable moments, as well as spiritual moments. It showed the power that the Book of Mormon has on those who actually sincerely read it. 

In the play, Sister Brinley played a character who was being courted by a man who had been baptized into the Mormon church. She resisted learning more about the Church and the man was about to leave with the Exodus from Nauvoo. He gave her a Book of Mormon. She finally started reading it and found out it is a marvelous testament of Jesus Christ as our Redeemer and Savior. I recognized her husband, Elder Brinley, as Dr. Douglas Brinely, former professor at BYU who taught about marriage and family relations. Hearing his voice brought back a flood of memories from my young mothering days when I would check out tapes of his talks from the library and listen at 10 PM at night while I did dishes after tucking three little kids into bed. My husband was gone on business 3 to 5 days a week and these talks kept me going. Now I have a lot more options with Gospel Library, youtube, and the Internet. Here are some of his talks. Thanks Dr. Brinley for your insights and the fun play!

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