What I Love and Hate About Costco!

Whenever I think about Costco I think about the song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks called “Portobello Road.” It’s about a street in London that sells everything like “artifacts to glorify your regal abode” and “jerkins and pleasures, yesterday’s treasures.” Except Costco doesn’t sell old or used stuff so I can’t really say it sells artifacts or yesterday’s treasures. But it definitely sells a HUGE variety of objects to please your tastes, everything from tires to insurance to furniture to eyeglasses to clothing to prescription drugs to high quality meat to organic produce to chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to  interior design to home remodeling. Everything to fulfill your needs from cradle to grave.

On one of my recent visits, I chuckled to see a Costco “member” carrying all of his purchases in both arms. Someone offered to get him a cart, and he replied, “Oh no, I decided not to get a cart on purpose so I can get out of here without spending $100!” So true! If I don’t watch what I put in the cart, I end up leaving having spent 150 to 200 bucks easily! It’s a superbly consciously wonderful day when I get in and out and spend only $40!

Here are some great deals I have found at Costco:

  • those chocolate covered macadamia nuts (my absolute favorite Costco product! although they do have corn syrup and other toxins so I don’t get them much, you know, the 80/20 rule)
  • roasted macadamia nuts…so yummy!
  • pistachio nuts, an enormous bag for $19.99
  • a big container of organic spring mix, for $3.98
  • maple syrup, $11.79 for a jug, although it’s Grade A, and Sarah Pope says Grade B is much better here. smaller containers from Walmart are about $9.99
  • the bags of lemons and limes, useful if you use lots of those, if not then they will go bad before you get through all of them
  • the warranty on laptops is awesome, it is included with the purchase and covers drops and spills. When we bought a laptop online from another store for my teen daughter for Christmas two years ago, we paid extra for that kind of warranty. She went away to college and did end up spilling hot cocoa on the keyboard. We were grateful we had bought the warranty. Later we bought a laptop from Costco and were pleased to find out the drop and spill warranty is included.
  • the organic corn chips

Here’s what I don’t like about Costco:

  • no signs on the aisles to tell you what type of items are on the aisle, undoubtedly done on purpose so you wander the store and make more purchases
  • the fact that there’s only one kind of apples for sale, in that hard plastic packaging that probably costs more than just thin plastic bags.Note: I just went to Costco this past Tuesday, and this time they had 4 or 5 different kinds of apples including honey crips and gala. Maybe because it’s fall harvest time? And they did have some in bags this time.
  • the check-out lines are always long
  • no Greek yogurt, like I find at Walmart, that is free of fillers and preservatives, and so thick and creamy! It has one ingredient: cultured pasteurized grade a WHOLE milk. I haven’t been able to find yogurt anywhere else that is as good. If you can’t afford to buy raw milk and make your own yogurt, this is the next best thing, the best thing Walmart offers!
  • the person at the end of the conveyor belt in the check-out line doesn’t offer you a box to put your purchases in, unless you ask for one. You have to remember to ask. That just bugs me. Of course I want a box so I’m not moving 20 individual items from the cart to my car and my car to my kitchen. I can’t call him or her the “bagger” because he/she doesn’t bag the items, but puts them back in your cart after you make the purchase. Maybe the “boxer if asked” person? Or the “carter” person since they put the items back in the cart?

I would love to hear all of your tips for shopping at Costco and all of the deals you have found there! Watch these videos to learn from expert Costco shopper Jordan Page.

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