Funny Videos About Moms by a Real Mom

So we took the kids and my mil to see Once I Was a Beehive, and my mil told me after it was over that one of the stars lives in her former ward in Provo. The enthusiastic camp leader, Sister Carrie Carrington. Her real name is LIsa Valentine Clark and she actually has a whole series of funny videos about being a mom and wife, called Pretty Darn Funny. In the first episode, she decides to clean up the stand-up comedy scene in her town by creating a new comedy troupe with clean jokes called Pretty Darn Funny. I am posting my favorite episodes here. Some of them aren’t as funny, kind of like Studio C, where some episodes strike me as hilarious and some just don’t. Watch these when you want something light but still somewhat meaningful and totally clean!

This one features the “Cheap Seats” Theater of my childhood, fondly called “Sticky Shoe North,” in American Fork Utah. I love the line, “Ma’am, I’m not authorized to use that much nacho cheese sauce.” So funny! The whole idea of ‘movie cheating” hits a chord with me. Back in the days when my husband traveled a lot for business, sometimes he would see movies without me, so I can relate to Gracie.

In this video, Gracie resorts to some crazy tips to save money.

What mom doesn’t need the “scream saver”? 

This one about how moms can go overboard with creating perfectly-pinnable- Pinterest-images is probably my favorite. 

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