What We’ve Been Reading 10/26/15


This month of October, I’ve focused on books about courage, early American history and controlling speech, to harmonize with our homeschool unit themes. The book pictured above is a true story.


My kids totally enjoyed this book, we got it on CD and they listened while doing dishes. 


After years of hearing about Call it Courage, I finally exposed it to my kids. They really liked the book on CD. Another winner that held their attention, and made doing dishes more enjoyable. 


I got this especially for my 11 year old boy. We are still plowing through it. I got the anniversary edition that has notes from the author. 


Cute, simple picture book about trying things out for the first time and why that’s important.


This is a great book full of inspiring stories about how native Americans in the Montana lived hundreds of years ago. The part about the mom having twins and fighting to keep both the boy and the girl got me a little-teary-eyed. 


I have to admit, when I read the above book aloud to my kids, my mind wanders. It is not my favorite, but I am determined to finish reading it to the kids. It is based on a true event but it is late so I won’t recount the event to you.





This is one of my favorites. I get it every year or so from the library. I noticed for the first time the girl’s devotion to her mother that got her to fight when she was about to give up. 


I really liked this one. It is based on a true story of a boy born in slavery who escaped by being mailed in a box. Very inspiring!



The above two books are for my Quest class. I love learning about history! I did not finish reading the Parley P, Pratt book. I liked the annotated version by Scot and Maurine Proctor. It is full of photos of hte places Parley visited and a lof of footnotes that the average person doesn’t care about, but if you love LDS Church history then you will enjoy reading all the footnotes, full of explanations. 


I found these two sewing books about the library. They so make me want to just spend all day sewing. Someday I intend to do that. I do love skirts and these books have some ideas for the flirty, feminine skirts I love. Maybe in the winter I will sew more…I say that every year but maybe this year it will be different. 


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