How to Inspire Excellent Youth

Warning: mommy brag moment coming up! Watch the video above featuring my son Dallin and his best friend Jacob. These two homeschooled young men are among the greatest kids I’ve ever known. I’m not saying that just because they are my son and his friend, but because it’s true! They both excelled in their LEMI scholar projects. It was so amazing watching them tackle the final class, called the Edison project. They were peer mentors and would have meetings on Monday mornings at 7 AM! Jacob, at age 16, got accepted into BYU. He raised enough money on his own last year to attend the World Scout Jamboree in Japan. Dallin at age 17, is preparing for a mission and college. He has tackled chores at home and out of the home on his own initiative that have left in awe, thinking, wow, most kids aren’t willing to do that. He has taught speech and debate classes on his own and mentors an advanced acting class. He has a a sterling character that you don’t encounter every day. They have teamed together to win a few Key of Liberty Constitution bowls as well. Both young men earned their Eagle Scout awards and excel at speech and debate events. Their homeschooled mock trial team took 2nd place in state a few years ago. They blog over at, which is dedicated to inspiring teenagers to be excellent. They’ve had lots of fun challenging each other to overcome fears, as demonstrated in the video below.

Here’s a message from my son Dallin:

“Do you know of any youth whose capacity and motivation could be greatly enhanced by one-on-one mentoring and hard core accountability from peers who have been successful? Maybe this youth is you. If you answered yes to any of these questions then this above video is for you. Lionheart Mentoring is a program run by youth who are excited to share with other youth the tools that have made them successful. For more info, check out

Is your youth stuck at getting his Eagle Scout Award, developing solid personal habits, creating vision, raising money for a dream, or preparing for college/increasing ACT score? Consider getting a Lionheart mentor for your youth. This is a tribe of audacious, honorable youth who are available for public speaking and one-on-one coaching. Please check out and learn more!

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