Happy New Year from Arizona!

This is a picture from our new Arizona’s ward Christmas party. One of us didn’t want to be in the photo, and three kids didn’t move with us because they are out of the nest, so that’s why there are only three kids pictured.

Sorry for being gone so long from blogging. I have missed it! It seems like I have been in hibernation! I wish I could say that I have been sleeping for most of the time I’ve been gone, but I’ve been busy, busy, busy. There have been so many times I ached to have my fingers typing up a blog, sharing ideas, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but with packing up for a big move, moving, and the holidays on top of that all something had to give and blogging it was.

Right before we pulled away from our old home in our moving truck and minivan, Grammi treated us to a lovely dinner at her home. 

Our moving truck on the way to AZ. For the first two nights we stayed at my parents’ home. We drove through a blustery snowstorm to get there Saturday night. 

I have been in survival mode for the past three months. We moved to Arizona right after Thanksgiving and became cowboys! We left our Layton UT home right when the first storm was coming in, Thanksgiving weekend, and got out of the state before the big dump of snow four weeks ago. My dream of getting out of the snow has come true! I am coming up from air in the midst of packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, shopping for a new home, prepping for Christmas, recovering from Christmas, hosting my mother-in-law and three big kids for the holidays, making new goals, starting a new semester of homeschooling, etc. to say Happy New Year! I am alive and well! The photo at the top of this blog post of me, my dh, and 3 of my 7 kiddos was taken at our new ward’s Christmas party here in rural southeastern Arizona. The three oldest kids are out of the nest and stayed in Idaho and Utah for their college or senior homeschool year activities. I am used to missing my college kids but getting used to missing my 17 year old.

This is my old kitchen which served me for 11 years. I am so grateful to upgrade to a larger one.

I have had some mental battles adjusting to the emotional upheaval of packing up decades of memories and errata for 9 people and planning a huge out of state move. Not to mention the struggle of adjusting to life in a new place but all in all I love it here on these 5 acres of mesquite trees.  I have a much bigger kitchen and am out in the country, which is another dream come true! I’m still getting used to having to drive into “town” (about 20 min.) to go shopping or to the library. Best of all our finances have improved tremendously because of this move. We can now do the Dave Ramsey baby steps with a vengeance! The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. On Christmas Eve it was a balmy 63 degrees! It is usually sunny and bright. It did snow twice but the snow melted before it hit the ground.

Here are some random musings from my move:

  • moving, like childbirth, is a mathematical equation. You have a finite amount of material that has to be compressed into a small place to get out. You don’t know how it’s all going to fit until the actual push happens! In the end, we were able to fit things by having the biggest U-haul truck available, plus a trailer, plus a trip back to the house after the first night’s stay at my mom’s to get some random stuff that we hauled in the minivan.
  • next time I move, I will start packing at least a month sooner so that I can not still be packing while movers are moving boxes out of the house. I want to be watching every box that goes into the truck! Some stuff that was supposed to go to the thrift store ended up going in the truck, and some stuff I wanted to bring (like the kids’ bikes and the doll cradle) went to the thrift store
  • I am so grateful for my friends and family who helped.  My girlfriends,Tara and Jorgina, a ward member, and my dear brother, his wife and girls and my parents helped tremendously. Also my big kids were a big help when they were home for Thanksgiving weekend. I’m sure they didn’t think it was fun to spend their Thanksgiving weekend packing up a kitchen but they never complained. 
  • Moving is like childbirth in that it leaves you raw, emotional, and open to crazy thoughts. I have felt as worse or worser as my postpartum blues. I feel like I have been in a time warp, isolated from friends and real time as I have been setting up a new home. 
  • When you unpack you have to organize twice. Once to get everything out, once again to see how it can fit together.
  • It is amazing how wonderful it is to move to a new ward and have that network of people ready to help you. It’s truly cool how random strangers rise to the occasion to help people moving in. We had two yummy dinners brought to us the first two nights. I am so grateful for these helpers. Two of the families who brought dinner have three little girls each around my daughter’s age so I am looking forward to having her play with them. One of the families even homeschools! We also had a cute couple come help us unload the truck the first day, the wife helped me in the kitchen and the husband helped unload the truck.
  • When you move, you can never have too much packing tape and Sharpies.
  • Sliders are a moving family’s best friend! They slip under your furniture and you can easily move heavy furniture with little kids while dad/husband is gone to work.

  • Here’s my new welcome mat! I love the colors!

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