Cool Resources about Zion-based Dating and Courtship

So I found all these resources about Biblical/Zion/Hebrew-based dating and courtship. Of course there are the Duggars videos, so if you haven’t watched those scroll to the end of this post and watch those. But the Duggars aren’t the only ones into this! Watch all of these other videos too! I like that the Duggars videos show the parents role in the process of monitoring. Many of us don’t have our single adult children living with us, but we can share these videos with our children who live away from us and discuss them. That’s what I plan on doing with my three older children.

The video above and below are from the movie “Come What May.” 

Here’s a great video sharing step-by-step of how one young man pursued “Biblical romance” involving a father’s permission to pursue a relationship.

The next three videos are from a cute couple who have a YouTube channel called “SelfLAW” which stands for Self, Love, Acceptance, and Worth. I so appreciate their willingness to share how they waited for their first kiss at the wedding altar and how hard but worth it that it was to wait. 

you can see more of Brandon and Sheretta’s videos here at their youtube channel, “Worth the Wait.”

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