DIY Risers for Spice Cabinet: Before and After Pictures

Remember my project from last Saturday, to make risers for my spice cabinet out of cardboard for my new kitchen? I finished the project, and here are the before and after pics. The above picture shows how it was before. Pretty normal right? You can’t see what’s in back, so you have to take everything out or “sort of” memorize what’s back there. I didn’t really memorize what was back there, but since I was in the cupboard every day, I put what I use every day in the front, and knew whatever I didn’t use every day was somewhere in the back. That’s frustrating for my husband, who does the cooking on Sunday. I love this man, he’s so awesome for doing that!

Anyway, I stumbled across this video, and then made my own risers. I have plenty of cardboard around here with all the boxes from our recent move. Hooray, I just saved over 30 bucks instead of ordering something on Amazon, which I seriously was about to do before I providentially found the video tutorial.

Here are the risers in the photo above, which I measured to fit with some space leftover for taller containers. I just used packing tape instead of the masking tape mentioned in the tutorial. In the picture below you see the final effect, a fully organized spice cabinet!  Now I can see everything at a glance! And now you can see that I don’t buy organic, non-irradiated spices and herbs or fair trade cocoa. Someday I will, but it’s just not in the budget right now. Now I just need to alphabetize them!

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