Egg-free, Grain-free Gingersnaps and a Free Ebook Bundle of Paleo Recipes

How to make egg-free, grain-free gingersnaps:

1. Get a hankering for ginger cookies because you have been on a strict grain-free, sugar-free, limited carb diet diet for a long time. You can’t even eat any sweets for Christmas. Not even honey or sucanat. (It was worth it, I lost 14 lbs in 6 weeks!) When you finish the diet and can ease into more carbs, including natural sweeteners, you plan on making some spicy cookies before wintertime is over. You still want to stay grain-free and limit your carb consumption so you can maintain your new weight. 

1. Find a great recipe, like the one here, and notice that it has eggs. No problem, as you can tolerate eggs.

2. Realize you only have two eggs left so you have just enough to make the goodies on Sunday evening before you can get more eggs on Monday. 

3. After church, when you are having Family Executive Council with your husband (planning the upcoming week), your son comes to you and asks if he can make homemade pudding.

5. Wanting to cultivate a boy into a man who pleases his wife with the ability and desire to make food from scratch, agree to let him do it.

6. Several hours later when you go to make the long-awaited-for-gingersnaps, realize that the afore-mentioned son used the last of the eggs to make the pudding.

7. Realize that you will have to find a different recipe that is radically different from the plan, because you also realize you have never bought almond flour since you moved here, which the original recipe calls for.

8. Adapt the recipe, using coconut flour and no eggs, after doing some Google searches. Realize you have a strange concoction on your hands, because coconut flour is funky. It absorbs liquid like a sponge and needs a ton more liquid so the mixture FINALLY looks like cookie dough instead of cake batter. Add more water and maple syrup. Mix. Add even more, plus butter. 

9. Bake the cookies FOR A LONG TIME because they take forever to get hard.

10. Have ginger cookies that are quite crumbly, dry, and different in texture that nobody else in the family will touch. When you send them in your husband’s lunch he barely touches them.

That’s OK, more for me! I’ve been eating these a few every meal for the past few days (they are so dense that you can only eat 2 or 3 at a time) and love them. They are filling the bill of wanting something sweet and spicy quite nicely. They just aren’t moist and chewy. I guess when you are off sweeteners for a long time, anything sweet tastes good. I did go get some almond flour and eggs though so now I want to make them the original way, hopefully moist and chewy.

OK, so after this fail, I think I need some help in cooking grain-free! Especially for treats. Just like with my DIY spice cabinet risers, another resource providentially showed up for me just in time in my email, on Monday, the day after the sort-of disaster. A link to a grundle of Paleo (which means grain-free) recipes! I thought I would share the link with all of you.

So here it is, just go to It expires soon so go there right now!

You do have to give them your email, which opens up a floodgate of advertising, I’m sure, but you can unsubscribe at any time after you get the downloads of all the recipes. 

Happy grain-free baking and eating!

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