A Vision for Courtship and Dating for Our Sons and Daughters

Here are more video clips that can expand our vision of what to expect for our daughters during their teen and then single years. A friend sent me the link to this page. I encourage you all to watch the videos. They bring up a lot of questions, like, is it OK for young women to go away to college? How do you live by the vision encouraged in this vision of these “Biblical young women” of these videos if you do send your daughter away to college? Is it OK for young women no to pursue anything related to their father’s business or profession?  I encourage you to watch it and come to our discussion about Zion-based Courtship and dating, part 2, online in a zoom video chatroom. It will be Thursday, Feb. 18th at 7 PM Mountain Time. Please RSVP to me celestia (at) treeoflifemothering dot com so I can send you the link. 

Here are all the resources we are discussing 

Here are the resources we will be discussing for Zion-based Dating and Courtship, part 2, Wed. February 24th 7 PM MT:

February- Dating and Courtship part 2 Thursday Feb. 18

  1. Learn about “Restoring the Patriarchal Order”. Read this article here by the Stoddard family. 

  2. Read this article here by a marriage and family therapist about what to do when your husband is wrong (abusive, addicted, adulterating, etc). 

  3. Watch the War Room movie. This is to see the power of prayer towards an emotionally abusive husband. You can rent to watch online like at vidangel.com


4. Watch a father’s role in guiding the courtship process. Do this by watching Duggar videos about Jill and Jessa’s courtship on YouTube


5. Watch “To Have and to Hold” by Richard Wheeler of Mantle Ministries. You can get the gist of the message by watching the excerpt from his DVD below in the Youtube clip.


6. watch these videos about “Biblical young women” here at Ziontube.

7. Watch Princess Cut. The movie was available on youtube but then it just got pulled. Maybe we can find it elsewhere, like pureflix.com or vidangel.com. 

8. Watch “Pamela’s Prayer.” Buy it here. The trailer is below. This movie shows a father taking a very active role in the courtship process, similar to the Duggars. (It’s rather fun to see the 80s hairstyles in it!)

extra credit:

9. book Emotional Purity by Heather Paulsen https://www.crossway.org/books/emotional-purity-ebook/

here is a PDF summary of the book http://www.catholicnh.org/assets/Documents/Vocations/YoungAdults/Article-EmotionalPurity.pdf


10. watch the webinar “Marrying Well” on courtship by the Botkins family at



You can go here to see the schedule for the whole year. Please email me at celestia at treeoflifemothering dot com to get the link to join the online video classroom! I only have 20 spots so respond early! If the link doesn’t work scroll down past the videos to see the full schedule.

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