Great Date Night Movie about Married Love: a Vow to Cherish!

A Vow to Cherish (TV Movie 1999) - IMDb

If you want a great movie about married love that you can watch at home, without having to get a non-electronic babysitter, this one fits the bill. My husband and I watched it on Valentine’s Day night. The night before, we went to the temple, which is over an hour away, and then out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that was packed. By the time we got home (due to getting lost on the way home because somebody fell asleep) it was 11 PM! Needless to say, I was too tired for a movie. But I wanted to get a romantic movie in for Valentine’s Day, so I picked this one to watch on Sunday, which was actually Valentine’s Day. It is Christian-based, so I felt it was Sabbath-day appropriate because it did help me feel closer to God. It is about a family that sticks together through illness. The mom gets dementia and regresses to acting like a 2 year old. Despite the crazy, unpredictable hardships, the husband stands by her and sticks to his wedding vow of “to have and to hold, in sickness and in health.” It got me teary-eyed a few times and also made me laugh in a few places. The husband’s brother definitely provides the comic relief! If a movie can make me laugh and cry, and doesn’t have anything to make me cringe, then I give it five stars!

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