Get these Books on Work and Money for Kids for a Discount


We got this set of books for Christmas and I’ve been reading them to my kids. They are six picture books written by Dave Ramsey. Each one teaches kids one of the following financial topics:

  • earning money by doing work, instead of asking parents to just give them money
  • the danger of debt
  • spending money
  • saving money
  • giving

Junior’s Adventures: Storytime Book Set

Anytime I can find a picture book that teaches a concept, I am all for it! Picture books have a way of solidifying a concept for me. Often I will look for picture book biographies of historical people, and now I am branching out to finding picture books of skills and habits I want my kids to have.

In January, I read one storybook a night to my six year old, and then for Family Home Evening, the night we cut up our credit cards as part of our homework for Financial Peace University, we read the two books on earning money and debt to the kids. Those are the books entitled “Battle of the Chores,” and “The Super Red Racer.” I love the simple story lines and cute illustrations. I love that they teach a concept involving a family setting. I love that the illustrations are so bright, cheerful, and colorful.The one about the super red racer teaches kids in a concrete way that the best place to go for money when you need more is “to go to work” instead of asking for a handout. The one about the battle of the chores teaches that debt is horrible because it puts you in bondage to another person. They are highly illustrative of two of Dave’s key principles: “Debt is dumb!” and “Cash is king!”

Right now you can save 20% off this set! It is regularly $34.99 but with the promo code “save20” you can get the beautiful set for only $27.99! I highly recommend them. They go hand in hand with Dave’s Finanical Peace Jr. Kit, which you can use the code for as well. Just go here to order both. Remember to use the code “save20”! It expires on Feb. 29th so do it now before you forget!

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