Super Opportunity for Youth on Wasatch Front this Friday Night!

My son and his friend Jacob are putting on a great event this Friday night in Highland Utah. If you have youth on the Wasatch front, get them to this event. They will leave feeling inspired to lead a more excellent life! 

Friday Feb. 26

7 PM

Lone Peak High School

10189 N 4800 W, Highland, UT 84003

Tickets are $3 at the door

"It was amazing to come to an event where teenagers were defying [negative] expectations and proving that we can be excellent and achieve greatness even while in our youth. It was definitely the highlight of my week."~ Aylish Kelly, High School StudentThe Presenters

Jacob Hansen


Full-time BYU student by age 16

Entrepreneur & youth coach

17 years old

"Jacob gave an inspiring, insightful, motivational presentation that I was not expecting from someone his age. He seemed more comfortable, and was more impactful, than many professional speakers I have heard speak." ~ Jason Alba, CEO of

Quiana Chase

Co-Founder, Crowned with Virtue Summit

Published Novelist

Youth Simulations Developer

18 years old

"Quiana is a powerful and life-changing speaker who creates a unique environment that encourages others to strive for and reach their potential."~ Maren Despain, Teacher at Paradigm High School

Dallin Shumway

Professional Youth Mentor

Drama Teacher & Debate Coach

Pioneer in Self-Directed Education

18 years old

""Dallin Shumway is an active and engaging speaker"~ Sam Martineau, director, Wasatch Independent Debate League.

Reserve Your Seats!



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