Watch Jessa Duggar’s Birth of Baby Spurgeon!

Have you heard? The Duggars are coming back with a weekly TV show! TLC has decided to move forward with the “test” series they filmed last fall after cancelling 19 Kids and Counting last year. The network made three episodes for the test series, called it “Jill and Jessa: Counting On,” and aired it in December. The new series will continue with the focus on Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult children, minus Josh, who, I am so sad to say, admitted to cheating on his wife and having a porn addiction last August. (Hearing that news is kind of like one of those “Where were you when 9/11 happened?” moments for me. I distinctly remember being in the living room of my former home talking with my daughter who was home from college on a break, We were both so sad and mad at the same time about it happening!) The cancellation actually happened earlier when news broke in the spring of 2015 from Josh about other unsavory details.

Anyway, the above video shows the last episode of the test series, which shows Jessa’s birth to baby Spurgeon. My favorite part is where Jordyn-Grace, age 7, gets the phone call from Jessa that the baby was born, and she is the first to hear what the gender is. She gets to announce the news to the rest of the clan. Michelle, Jana, and Jinger got to be at the birth, with Jill being there virtually through the phone. (Facetime maybe?) It never showed any other people there so I was left wondering if there was a midwife? Or was this a “professionally unassisted birth”? It looked like Michelle caught the baby, which I thought was cool. I could be wrong though. Maybe a professional was there, and just didn’t appear in the filming. (My heart went out to Jessa as she was transferred to the hospital via ambulance right after the birth, because of too much bleeding. That would have happened to me if I hadn’t have chosen to have my last baby in the hospital after having four home births. I bled all night after my last baby’s birth and was put on two drugs to stop the bleeding. that’s why I was led by the Spirit to switch to the hospital at 37 weeks pregnant.)

My second favorite part is where the producer asks Jessa if childbirth was worse or better than she thought it would be and she emphatically says, “Worse!!! I told my mom, I can’t believe you did this 19 times!” Nothing like childbirth to make us appreciate our moms more, right?

I’ve posted the first two episodes below. They show the family coming through with faith in God in the aftermath of Josh’s sad news. I appreciate this family being willing to share their ups and downs with the world. I am sure it’s not easy being in the spotlight, but they are great ambassadors for God about Jesus, hard work, homeschooling, financial independence, and the blessings of children!  I am glad we get to see more of their lives in the new series.

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