Date Night at Home Movie: Seven Days in Utopia

For our date night last week, dh and I watched the movie above. It was great! It’s called “Seven Days in Utopia.” It’s about mentoring. If you don’t like “preachy” movies, you won’t like it. If you are ok with that, then give it a chance. It’s about a golfer who stumbles upon this little town after he has a bad game of golf, and finds a mentor to help him improve his game. I like the love story that runs as an undercurrent, because it moves slowly and the girl knows it’s too early for kissing and doesn’t let the guy kiss her when he tries. Fun fact: the guy who plays the mentor, Robert Duvall, played Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” So if you want to know what Boo Radley has to say on self-improvement, watch the movie. It’s totally clean and rated G. 

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