My Favorite New Podcast! This Episode says Reading Aloud to Your Older Kids is More Important than to the Little Ones!

Here’s my Pinterest-unworthy bookshelf, ha-ha, of great read alouds, smudges, tape, and all!

I was so excited to share this great new podcast before my trip to Phoenix last week, but I ran out of time. So now that I am back, I am sharing! I discovered this great podcast that is perfect for homeschool moms, and even non-homeschooling moms, because it’s about reading aloud. That’s an activity for any parent. This beautiful podcast is called the Read Aloud Revival, by Sarah Mackenzie, a homeschool mom. It’s my new favorite podcast! The very first episode features a friend, Andrew Pudewa. I worked one of Andrew’s booth at a homeschooling conference 10 years ago when my daughter was a baby, and boy, was his booth popular! It helped that he was the keynote speaker at the convention. He owns a company that sells language arts curriculum. I highly recommend his stuff! 

Listen and enjoy! You will learn that it’s important to read aloud even more to your older kids than your younger ones. Reading aloud quality, engaging books establishes “reliably correct and sophisticated language patterns” in your kid’s head. That’s the best thing you can do to ensure academic success! Plus, it’s so much fun. I can’t think of any other parenting activity that is so fun and crucial at the same time, and takes such little effort. 

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