2 Belated Memorial Day Videos/Family Night Movies

I wanted to get this up for Memorial Day, but alas, other responsibilities intervened, so I am getting it up today. Here are two movies suitable for Memorial Day, or any day really, to remind us of our freedoms and those that have sacrificed for it are to be honored. The first video features Stephen Pratt. He has passed away, but his legacy lives on. He worked for Cleon Skousen as his researcher in writing the book, The Making of America. The presentation above is a great overview of our Judeo-Christian heritage as an American nation. It also outlines that another movement, Communism, has been growing in direct opposition. I encourage you to watch it and discuss as a family, as a belated Memorial Day “movie.”


This movie featured here shows the fruits that come from Communist seeds. It is called “Bless You Prison.” A true story, it shows how Nicoleta Valery Grossu, a fighter for liberty, dealt with her imprisonment in Communist Romania.  It’s not one of those light, happy movies that is easy to watch. It’s like The Hiding Place, where you come face to face with brutality and man’s evil nature. But it’s good for you, so please watch it! You will have to use your discernment to determine if it’s appropriate for a family night movie. It’s probably more appropriate for 12 and up. I asked my husband to pick a movie for our date night at home a few weeks ago and he picked this one. I was looking forward to something romantic and lovely, so this was a little bit of a shock. I was so sleepy and the music in it and the theme were rather grim so I kept falling asleep and waking up to more sobering grimness, but in the end, I was glad that I watched it. It opened up my eyes to my freedoms and helped me feel more grateful for having chores. Having watched it, I feel more confident in the triumph of hope in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s light can shine even in dark places like a cruel Romanian prison!

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