Books and “Contests” for Sizzling Summer Reading!

Awwww…summer! It’s finally here! I’ve always looooooved it! The freedom that comes from the warmer weather and ease of travel invigorates me! It also symbolizes the freedom of mind I want to feel all year. What better way to encourage freedom of the mind than to read more books and broaden our horizons? We may not be able to go to the beach physically, but we can go in our minds with a great book!

To that end here is a compilation of great summer reads, reading contests, and challenges.

Here’s a Reading Challenge that is not officially labeled as a “summer reading challenge,” as it was started earlier this year. It is Redeemed Reader’s version, based on the original one by Tim Challies, an author, blogger, and book reviewer. You can get the list of books he suggests here. I think it’s neat that he has categories for your book-reading ambition: light, heavy, and avid. 

Here’s the best summer reading contest I’ve seen so far. It’s from the web site, and it’s officially called the “2014 Summer Reading Challenge.” Even though it appeared in 2014, I think it’s totally worthy of being recycled. I like it because it has a focus, and it’s Christian-based. The theme is “Time Travel.” The challenge has suggested books for every week plus the insight of a Christian worldview on time travel. Sounds enlightening! I am not so structured as to follow it week by week, I am just using it as a guide to get some adventurous and history-based books my children might enjoy. (The links are not working for me today when I go to the web site, hopefully they will be up and running soon.) 

Here’s the Redeemed Reader’s 2013 Reading Challenge

and here is the Redeemed Reader’s list of Great Summer Reads for this year, 2016, since the people there are not doing a summer challenge this year. 

Finally, here is a list of summer reading contests

I hope you all enjoy summer with lots of books! And don’t forget books on CD for your road trips. We listened to The Goose Girl and Johnny Tremain last summer. It made the hours in the car so much more bearable. I also suggest this great Read Aloud Revival podcast from to help you build a family culture around books. Let your mind explore if your body can’t!

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